Kitting and BOM

Kitting is a solution to the rapidly expanding number of variables in electronics manufacturing, electronic component kitting involves securing the components and getting your BOM ( Bill of Materials ) production line ready. The kit is then delivered to assembly, allowing the production line to move more efficiently and effectively.

Benefits of Kitting

  • Inventory Control and Cost Savings
  • Enhanced Organization and Safety
  • Improved Production
  • Expedited time to market

Our Process

  • Scrub the BOM | verify parts, match descriptions and quantities
  • Confirm the BOM | changes must be approved by customer
  • Check Inventory Levels (internal and/or from vendor)
  • Quote the BOM | including lead times and pricing
  • Confirm POs | with Customer
  • Place POs | with Vendors
  • Receive Parts | Initial Check
  • Inspect Parts | more complete, including date and lot code, origin, etc.
  • Kit the BOM | with custom labels if requested
  • Certs | if requested
  • Final Inspection | in-depth checking
  • Ship Kit

Full Turnkey Kitting

Need full turnkey? UPE will take care of every stage of your project, instead of you trying to source bits and pieces through several vendors and hoping everything comes together smoothly.

The benefit to you? You enjoy a single point of contact and 24/7 support.