Blake Tripp

Southern California native Blake Tripp’s lifelong fascination with electronics and engineering started when he first got into computer games, learning to assemble and repair personal computer systems for himself and friends.

Later he discovered a talent for customer service: understanding a customer’s needs and being able to deliver results to their satisfaction. This stood him in good stead during one of his first jobs at Albertson’s — where he quickly moved into a leadership position.

In 2021 Blake joined UPE and was able to utilize both his skills in the electronics field and natural aptitude for customer service. He is instrumental in providing UPE’s customers with the support they need to get projects large or small across the finish line.

When not working, he spends time pursuing his interests in astronomy, gazing at the stars from his porch or driving up Palomar Mountain with a telescope. Otherwise spending time with friends and family playing board games.