About Us

Continued support

UPE Kitting was created out of the need for large and small OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) to be able to purchase material for consigned kits for their CEM (Contract Electronics Manufacturing).

The challenge with small runs and engineering builds is that they fall into a difficult “in-between” area: it’s difficult for normal production to find time to work on these projects without impacting the normal business model. The time and energy it takes to support runs outside the normal manufacturing role ends up costing more.

We are able to work outside the box and streamline the process without impacting the normal flow. Utilizing our expertise in purchasing and material management, we can manage the material and still save time and money with these kinds of projects.

Our Unique Skillset

Because the background and experience embodied at UPE, there a number of situations we can be an invaluable partner for your business. Due our singular capabilities, we:

  • Can handle the large engineering builds as well as prototype builds — as low as 10-3000 units month;
  • Work with Contract Manufacturers that either don’t have turn-key purchasing departments or have difficulty supporting “high mix / low run” customers;
  • Assist small startups or OEM’s without a strong purchasing department.

How You Can Benefit

UPE encompasses over 60 years combined knowledge in the electronic components field, which allows us to find the best solution to your material needs. When the owners or engineers are doing the buying, they are not always getting the best deals or taking advantage of group buying available to us. We can manage material from a single part to a complete BOM or your complete product line. Moreover, we can assist you with your inventory management and project forecasting.

Your Dedicated Material Project Managers

Our staff and industry connections can help you with providing a solid plan to your material needs and give you valuable feedback on how to save you money or reduce your lead-time. As part of that service, we can also consolidate your vendor base or offer alternative components.

Thanks for all the support through both the good customers AND the difficult ones!

Quality Manager

Who, What, Where

Our staff’s expertise stems from large OEM’s as buyers, commodity managers, and project managers, as well as distribution and quality control in the electronic fields. Though located in the center of Southern California our reach is global. This includes sourcing contacts in Europe and Asia, as well as relationships with OEM and contract manufacturers all over the United States.

UPE has been serving our customers for the last 22 years, and will continue to grow and support this industry. LEARN MORE

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